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Recruit Me Now was started to get my inbox clean. When I added python developer to my LinkedIn profile I started getting all kinds of connect requests from recruiters. Some type of offers are interesting but most of them aren't. As I don't connect with people I don't know the process of connecting to respond on the bogus connect requests, and then remove the connection again, was rather time consuming.

Most offers are job related; but I have my own company and therefore i'm only interested in freelance offers. There also are a lot of request that don't pay enough or are not interesting for geographical reasons. So I decided to build a social recruitment platform where a developer can put his c.v. and other profile info. When a recruiter is interested he/she can send a p.m. which triggers an e-mail with just 2 options: share/not share c.v.


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Current status

The system is under heavy development; consider it a work in progress.