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Most developers are annoyed when recruiters claim to have the next best job offer that just doesn't make sense. The new job/project could be on a wrong location or they misinterpreted Python in your c.v. into Java. As a lot of recruiters also just try to connect on LinkedIn without adding any info on the new job/project this leads to a total waste of time on both sides.

We help you to filter incoming request from recruiters by letting them register on the site. They have to fill out a form before they can access you personal details and experience. You can decide to share your full c.v. or decline the request.

We Help Recruiters

Recruiting developers that have a profile on RecruitMeNow is easy. With just a link to a profile you will get a availability date. Login with linkedIn and answer the questions and in most cases you will get a high quality and updated c.v.

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